Version History


  • Added by the API to pull all commands in the documentation into a structured form
  • Add hide/show specific partner companies as part of your organization
  • When inserting new material into the database, the forms are automatically added (fixed)
  • Adding a link to a post to a part within an email, increasing the readiness in the list
  • Fix search across products so that search searches all names available
  • Adding a link within an e-mail notification to delete/restore the product
  • Added option to put photos in service by using Ctrl + In the keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed display of base64 images in API and service


  • Fixed the calculation of the length of time for the production reservation (now the real production time is calculated for each piece)
  • Fixed copy of the booking data to the booking
  • When creating an order, it is possible to copy only material used in another order
  • System-wide check if reservation ID has ever been used, and if so, will prompt the user to enter another reservation ID
  • In the selection section of a specific instrument (length of manufacture), the need to confirm the variant first and after the user can enter the booking confirmation
  • A date has been added for each reservation item, and a basic description from the required items has been canceled
  • When converting from a production reservation to an order, the completion date by this item and the total date are taken for the items in the order
  • When closing and confirming the reservation, the ability to play other files with the label won as new
  • When closing and confirming a cancellation of the option to delete the file
  • The addition of the status of Deferred to the Order of Production (change of status is via the order editing in detail)
  • Adding predefined items to shipping, shipping and finishing right on a reservation (selection from a history list used)


  • Add an option to pre-order the selected photo in the first position of the product type and product type
  • Repair of regular service creation if no response has been entered, so service has been hidden
  • Adding the option to insert RAR, ZIP, and 7ZIP files in product, product, and spare parts type
  • Adding search across products so that you can search more than one item at the same time, it is an advanced search within a worksheet
  • Creating an automatic name for a production reservation when converting to an order
  • Linking of orders and reservations of production at the level of individual reservation items
  • Addition of packing, shipping and completion of the product for the given reservation (subsequently copied to the order)
  • As part of the booking, the current number of items produced for specific items is visible
  • Adding new status to order items
  • Modify a description within a reservation item
  • Adding an individual linking with existing orders
  • In the list of reservation items, the current order status is added


  • Modified the ability to check for sending the same service responses. It is now possible to send replies more than once


  • Added the ability to resend an email to a new owner about the wheel conversion
  • Added tracking and logging of records within production reservations
  • Added an internal order label for the partner (you can insert any label that is not visible)
  • Added chat for production reservations, it is possible to solve order details for all bookings using chat
  • Added the label who created the real order and is responsible for it
  • Internal label added for reservation in reservation. This designation will then consist of the name of the order of production


  • Prolonging the login time of the glasses via the API
  • Script patch to check user login on smart glasses in mobile phone
  • Repairing a list of quick items for smart glasses
  • Adding views of machines and moulds in order and filtering by statutes
  • Add an internal customer when creating a reservation (view only for the reservation founder)
  • Hide choice of production options for the customer (currently visible only to the submitter)
  • Forgotten password-send password correction, no longer sending empty password
  • Added export of marketing data about product owners (only for producers/sellers/distributors)
  • Correcting minor errors when changing a product worksheet


  • adding extensions for smart glasses
  • API extension for smart glasses
  • adding description to API documentation for smart glasses functions


  • The option to insert an internal project number is added to the service log
  • Modified service email descriptions so that they are easier to recognize
  • Adding a button sheet to the top so that the buttons do not hide in the list and are directly available
  • For a production reservation, the option to choose between the individual padded and the possibility is added. forms, so as to establish the best possible time of production
  • Patching in production, filtering on tags was not enabled on the next page
  • To modify the service log so that it is scalable by the size of the number of responses to the solution
  • Adding a command API to the list of labels for the production and its post-filtering in the order


  • Correction of tag insertion (already existing tags in some cases)
  • Combining tags into one (if the tag means the same)
  • Adding a production reservation to an API API
  • Adding settings for a production reservation
  • Added module for making reservations at company partners
  • Linking a reservation with orders for production
  • Added option to change reservation status
  • Adding basic calculations to determine production time (estimate) for reservations
  • Adding times to the reservation approval, respectively. Her validity
  • Option to edit the production reservation for a partner
  • Ability to display orders with details for a partner
  • Minor catchup repairs


  • Repairing the manual share in the administration interface
  • Repairing the display of empty items within product detail


  • Modified the product transfer within the system. The product should no longer be passed immediately without delay.
  • Users who have a borrowed product can then write data to the administration interface as part of the borrow
  • If the profile has a production module on, it can work and see only products that are owned or passed on to it and are waiting to be taken over, do not see sold products
  • Correcting product forwarding in the administration interface and mobile application
  • Fix the product view that was in the forward transition (for some products, it did not appear in the application due to poorly set rights)
  • Correction of status information from product detail
  • Adding a booking part at production, you are moohou to book the production capacity at a specific company for a specific date


  • Adding to RFQs after spares information about the address
  • Adding an address to users to add an address


  • Add the ability to edit the serial number for the product to the selected users
  • Adding a new Japanese language to an application
  • Rectification of periodic service list
  • French Patch for Date Picker
  • Emergency Service and Quick Query List Fix
  • Adding a search in a manual and product connection


  • Service protocol address url fix
  • Editing email to display photos in received emails
  • Adding the missing variable to the email
  • Correction of poor seedding markings for spare parts in product detail


  • Adding piped parts to the API, the mobile app is now showing which parts are filled and which parts are not
  • Product detail documentation API extension for information about non-populated parts
  • Patching the mailing view for a product group
  • Adding features to show additional information when checking QR code for a user who does not have a mobile app (extra spare parts and additional description)
  • Adding options for modifying categories for spare parts (possibility to change the name, merge categories, and delete unused categories)
  • Rework the owners 'view on the owners' page in detail
  • Adding the view of the responsible person to the transfer of products to the new
  • Material extension of optimal temperature (mould and plastic), degrading temperature, no-flow, ejection, max stress and max rate
  • Added type of structure for material (type can be selected and added according to libosity, it is a multi-language item)
  • The materials also have a global item that an administrator can add and apply to all profiles on the system
  • Global material can only be modified by an administrator


  • API extension of 30 statements in a production part
  • Rewriting part to production that has still affected rotable inserts
  • Removal of unnecessary features for new spare parts creation
  • Adding seep parts that are not filled in product detail (if it doesn't contain data, then individual bookmarks will be forwarded)


  • Editing display of photos in mobile app (editing of photo sorting APIs)
  • Adding photos to the product detail for a mobile app
  • To customize the display of photos within the control page, rearrange the order of the photos
  • Modifying the join API to a viscous curve
  • Magnification of saved photos to double (maximum is 2000x2000px)
  • Adding multiple replaceable inserts to a single fill
  • The API repair for the exchange of exams has been offered instead of replaceable inserts that change in the mobile application are only via pots
  • Editing the script that solved production steps in the web administration interface to match the new specification


  • Added thumbnails for spare parts even when the photos are inserted into the description of the replacement part and not directly into the files as specified
  • Repairing the creation of service logs, for services that did not have a completion date, inserted an error in the view
  • Repair otevirani notificacni notifies in mobile application
  • Adding a loop in history directly to a particular service question if one is specified. The system will automatically detect the question/service url
  • Service question information API extension in product history
  • Added service at notification service
  • Add information to the extension notification sheets to the API for new arguments to inform you about a specific question/service to which the notification is


  • The administration interface has added the ability to convert both group and group products into a superadmina
  • In the administration interface added the option to only add the owner of the company, the old owner is still up to date, only adds a service firm
  • Fixed header in the e-mail for the replacement part of the replacement part
  • Correcting the PDF import in manuals
  • Fix quick queries, when responding to a quick API query for the former API owner, returned an error
  • Enabled search in stolen products in Protect6 and Bike Protect portal, linking databases
  • Script to check if the user visited the service question or not, script modified because of an exception that reported an error that resulted in incorrectly returned information to the API
  • Add an entry to the API to indicate that the chapter requires an image to send and successfully complete the step in the step manual
  • Added feature, ktará checks the needle for the step has been recorded or not, if the photo is required, it will not allow the user to continue the next step of the regular step service
  • Added functionality to filter by type of the product to the list of tools at production
  • Added the ability to edit the replaceable inserts (added due to incorrect storage or creation of the fill).


  • Correcting email formatting, in clear text
  • Add the ability to export companies to a csv file
  • Fixed insert and edit type of product (not correct quoted values with quotation marks)
  • Adding distance measurements to service stations in an API (measures the distance from the noblest to the farthest service point)
  • Service sites are marked with service sites that have also been the owner of the product in the property sheet
  • When creating a service reservation, you can specify the service location where we want service to be performed
  • The reservation list has added information about the company where the reservation is made
  • In the administration interface, the service filtration has been adjusted according to assignments (already available to all owners, but only to the relevant companies)
  • In the administration section, the detail of the reservation has been adjusted, so that there is also a place where the reservation is held
  • within the API and documentation added to the product creation via the mobile application editing address


  • Optimizing scripts for retrieving product sheets and sales orders via API
  • Fixing the script to store images in memory for orders
  • Customize the display of product sheets so that they are loaded much faster
  • Optimizing notification loading to APIs and the administration interface
  • Repairing the display of images in the interface API for completion work
  • Repairing sending email (not sending email for service)
  • Editing the script to speed up the query for updating the API in production
  • Service protocol address url fix
  • Setting the length of the warranty to 1. year, 2. years, etc. in product type
  • Added the ability to order extended warranties via product type (inserting a url to the order of warranty)
  • Insert a button into the API for an extended warranty (shown a month after the first purchase)
  • Product documentation API extension about the warranty parameters


  • Repairing sending emails (editing the email itself so that it conforms to the standards)
  • Added to the administration interface in user detail to show the notification that goes to the user
  • When editing or creating a new user through the administration interface it is possible to select which notification user will receive
  • Extending notification information in the API and documentation
  • Option to change settings of all notifications via API in mobile phone
  • The administration interface is now allowed to change the product type of the product already created (without requiring a change request from the system administrator)
  • Added to API List Address and Country List
  • When creating a new product via an API it is possible to use existing addresses already specified
  • The ability to change the ownership type when creating a new product is added to the API APIs. Plus, a list of all ownership types is inserted into the API.
  • Inserted into the administration interface the possibility that when the product is transferred, it is possible to insert an intermediate business (e.g. service branch) through which the goods were passed
  • Added to the API when passing the product, to pass the whole group at the same time or to hand over the company to an intermediate owner (for example, the service branch) through which the goods were passed
  • Creating consent to send marketing messages to users
  • Adding marketing message editing to the administration interface and the API
  • Add marketing message logoff via link in email
  • Adding a button to import spare parts right behind the company so that the user does not have to scroll down the page
  • Fixing page-loading rates in the administration interface
  • Add more files at the same time (multiupload images and files in administration interface)
  • Correcting the dynamic label display when inserting an invoice


  • Repairing previews in a web application (script automatically removes inappropriate characters)
  • Add information about which fast query/service has been read, and which has not yet
  • To add information about who has already read the service/quick query contribution and who is not
  • Adding information to the read and read API to read the question
  • As part of the deployment system, for all necessary parts, so that the system automatically monitors which questions or service have already been addressed or not
  • Extending read information to the API documentation
  • Added sorts of quick queries and services according to last modification (the user sees first those that have been updated for the last time and has a quicker overview of which services they have to deal with first)
  • Repairing service questions display in api (only some services were displayed on the same date in certain conditions and others were hidden from the mobile app)
  • Adding a list of all quick queries and services to the API (It will be possible to upgrade to service without a specific product, the modification is primarily designed for service technicians)
  • Customizing the documentation API for the list of quick queries and service books
  • New product photos were added to the API in quick queries and service (including documentation API extensions)
  • Repairing image display in detail API (autocompletion of image URL replenishment)


  • Repairing the sort information order by first having the latest pots and then older sorted
  • Repair view of information about a particular selected moulding in mould (display with foreign nozzle)
  • Adding photos to a list in the API (in the worksheets it will be possible to view individual product previews)
  • Extension of the API to photos in sheets (products and orders)
  • Adjust the order load rate through the interface api
  • Adding image update to background orders (pictures are cached for some time to speed up the system)
  • A URL hash is added to the new service protocols so that they are private to the user from the outside and without the hashes it is not possible to get to the logs
  • Add multiplicity to the part of the API where shift changes and cycle counts are specified
  • Correction of the script for the preview of the previews (poorly performed to store the image in temporary memory)
  • Adds advanced import capability in spare parts
  • In Advanced Import, Duplicate Check
  • In advanced import, advanced ways to create alternatives
  • In an extended import, an embedded sample document that is used to create alternatives
  • Alternatives to spare parts are automatically created according to the data entered over the entire database within the server every 30 minutes


  • Adding categories to spare parts (if the category does not exist, it is possible to create a new category)
  • Add Category Column to Spare Parts Sheet
  • Adding manufacturers to spare parts
  • Adding variable variables to workaround
  • Expanded API to show categories in spare parts list
  • Expanded API to show manufacturers, categories and variable variables in the detail of the spare part
  • Address URL for viscosity of the viscosity
  • Correction of the script when creating QR codes from a file
  • Updating the script to scrollover within the history
  • Add API key for companies that have this option enabled
  • Adding key API for companies, enabling or disabling non-defaul keys for foreign companies
  • API generated key API check (option to allow companies to login to application via API)


  • When you hover the mouse over the product list, a preview of the product/product type/replacement part image is shown
  • After the mouse pointer, a preview of the order and the entire system within the sheets is added.
  • Adding header fixation, for better orientation in the application
  • QR code sort correction in the list, not displaying the listings bar
  • Order ordering fix on sheet, not sorted by correct date
  • Repair for order ordering and spare parts, while using sorting, did not remain on the next page
  • Added a bubble over a continuous quantity of the order list to increase the readability of the pieces
  • Repairing the database search rate when creating spare parts
  • Adding photos when you hover over a service list and quick queries
  • Reduce the page fetch limit when replying to questions and service


  • Repairing sending email over the system
  • Repairing weight and shape size display
  • Add detail about the fill and the selected order into the tool detail
  • Adding multiplicity and detail of the fill in order detail
  • Adding a machine and order tool in the API
  • Product detail and order documentation extension API
  • Repairing service display for a product type
  • Adding a FAQ to product detail
  • Adding a FAQ to the API so that the FAQ questions should be added to the mobile app
  • Correcting the display of questions in the manual


  • Added automatic translation of non-translated parts into all languages
  • API documentation added
  • Adding the weight and size of the form
  • Adding a warranty for the number of cycles (System warns of status near the end of guaranteed cycles)
  • Overthrowing the order time in production on a sort when the orders are first displayed to be done in the near future
  • Collation adjustment where the finished orders are ordered from the latest ready at the earliest, according to specification
  • Adding detail about the selected engine
  • Adding a machine in the detail of a selected order
  • Added purchase order time added time (probabilities)


  • Repair a display of orders within a mobile app. All and not only a limited number are already displayed.
  • Adding product collation by completion date
  • Adding product sorts based on the quantity of pieces produced
  • Correction of the total weight of the fill, did not always display correct data
  • Adding translator activation capability for superadministrators
  • Adding a button to go to the text translator
  • Adding a cache to translate text into the system
  • Correcting divide by zero error
  • Repairing file loading and identifying the correct file terminus
  • Repairing API reference when querying stolen products


  • Repair of shift switching without operator, not selectable other than automatic
  • Repairing the display of the images in the mobile app
  • Repairing tools, could not assign machine/enabled machines
  • Repairing/hiding the list of machines in the mobile app on permitted machines
  • Expanding the display of information on a page
  • Display the number of items to be manufactured
  • When filtering in order, only the number of produced pieces is visible
  • If the production module is enabled, the first order will be displayed when the production is switched on.
  • The number of produced pieces can be changed through the administration interface for the purchase order.
  • Fixed view of pruned order is already correct
  • Edit HTML Save File, Fix File Search Error
  • Fixing file endgame discovery while recording
  • Repairing the display of the preparation work on the Web interface
  • Added a statistical chart to track the status of the shift-off in the order
  • Correction of the display of the remaining number of items to be produced in order detail
  • Increasing the limit to show the orders in the mobile app


  • Repairing the display of translations in the mobile app
  • Repairing the user icon view in the mobile app
  • A regular service has been modified in the mobile app so that you can take a step forward
  • Repairing data retrieval to check for stolen products


  • Adding tests to the server
  • Adding a versing history
  • Adding automatic text translators on a page
  • Adding a check to insert the same translation into the system
  • Adding listings in a system translator to make it more efficient to browse only items
  • Automatic translation of missing translations into the selected language